K-12 festival activities progress through three successive levels:

School - in March



SCCPSS Film and Media Festival


Live Action


•Sequential Stills-Regular

•Sequential Stills Class Project - K-5 Only

•Electronic Picture Book

•Interactive Stills


•Audio Podcast

You are invited and encouraged to participate in the 2021 Student Media Festival!

The Georgia Student Media Festival (http://www.gsmf.us/) is a program that encourages project-based learning by providing a showcase for student work and feedback from educators and media professionals beyond the students’ own schools. Student media projects such as live action video, website design, animation and photography foster learning across the curriculum. Media production develops reading, writing and math skills, as well as increases the student’s ability to plan, analyze, and interpret results. Collaboration and leadership flourish through student media production.

Entries will be evaluated using a rubric at each level. Entries that receive a superior (96 - 100) are winners.

School-level judges will choose the top 3 projects of the winning entries of each production type from the school to submit to the district-level competition.

How to Enter the Festival

∙ All entries must be original student work. Faculty or parent guidance and instruction are acceptable, but planning, production, and operation of equipment should be student work.

∙ All entries must be sponsored by an adult (18 years or older). The sponsor will be the main contact representing the entry and must be available via e-mail or phone.

∙ Any visual or audio material which is not student produced must adhere to the Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia. The student(s) must give credit in the concluding graphics to the producer of the work(s) used. Extended use of copyrighted material (e.g., more than 30 seconds of a song) requires written permission from the owner of the copyright. A copyright permission release letter signed by the copyright holder must be included with the entry form and media.

∙ Entries submitted to this festival cannot have been entered in previous Georgia Student Media Festivals. Each project may be entered only once per festival and in only one category.

∙ All entries should be in English, if possible. If not possible, information in English about the production must accompany the entry. Sponsors of non-English projects should contact GSMF before entering the festival.

∙ Website and Podcast entries must be live, online, and viewable via the Internet through August of the festival year. Website links to sites which were not created by the entrants should be identified and will not be considered in the judging.

New guidelines this year for SCCPSS projects:

· Each school with entries must provide at least 1 judge for district-level judging. The number of judges needed from each school is dependent on the total number of projects from the school:

o 1-10 projects = 1 judge

o 11 - 20 = 2 judges

o 21 - 30 = 3 judges

o > 31 = 4 judges

o We gladly accept more judges from a school, if available.

· No duplicate titles from a school. Each entry must have a unique title.

· Make sure the file name is exactly the same as the tile submitted on the entry form.

· For book trailers - Only one entry per book from a school - A book trailer should be about the BOOK, not the movie. Encourage students not to use images from the movie version of the book.

· School-level judges will choose the top 3 projects for each grade level of the school's winning entries to submit to the district-level competition.

· Training will be provided for SMF judging by the LMT Department for school staff members.


Schools should hold a school-level judging with 3 judges for each project.

● Each school should create a folder in the sponsor’s Google Drive with the name – “SMF – Your School Name”. Upload the school's winning projects into this folder, naming the individual project files with the "Project Title - Category - School - Grade Level".

MedFest2020-School Name

Copy this Excel file & rename it with your school name. Complete the information about each project to be submitted to district level. Place this file in your SMF Google folder.

Once all of the SMF school winners (score of 96 -100) are uploaded to this folder (MP4 files), share the folder with Deborah.Hargroves2@sccpss.com. Please send an email with the link to this shared folder to Deborah Hargroves, along with the Excel file with all of the entry information about your projects. The district judges will access the projects through Google Drive.

No later than March 10, 2020

The paperwork for each school winner (score of 96 -100) must be delivered in a 9” X 12” envelope to Deborah Hargroves @ Haven Elementary. The link to all printed forms is here. http://www.gsmf.us/forms.html

Entry label attached to outside of envelope with the following inside:

○ Signed entry form

○ Copyright compliance form

○ URL for the file,

○ "About My Project" form

○ Media Release forms (optional)

○ Site map for websites

Complete and email the attached Excel spreadsheet with information about your school's entries to Deborah Hargroves by March 10. Be sure to indicate if the project was created with ESE grant resources.


∙ Sponsors will be required to sign each project form certifying the following:

∙ The project was produced by students.

∙ The visual and/or audio material in this production is student-produced and adheres to the Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia. If the material in this production does not adhere to the Fair Use Guidelines, sponsors will enclose written permission from the holder(s) of the copyright(s).

∙ Sponsors grant GSMF permission to make copies of the project to be used for festival viewings, training, and promotion, as GSMF deems appropriate. This may include, but is not limited to, print, electronic, and broadcast distribution.

The winners of the Student Media Festival will be honored at the SCCPSS Student Film and Media Festival from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. on May 4, 2020. The state & district SMF winners will be honored, clips of these videos will be shown, and awards will be given at this special red-carpet gala.

Educators are invited to serve as SMF judges at the school, district & state judgings. Register here to be a judge: Google Form

GSMF Project Spreadsheet for each School

SMF Judge Application

​PPT Presentation ​about the ​Student Media Festival

SCCPSS Teachers: Please email Deborah Hargroves with questions about the Student Media Festival.