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FROM by Michele Vance

  1. Picture of your Class
  2. Picture of the School
  3. Link to your Google Classroom
  4. Google Slides
  5. Google Forms, Questionnaires, Surveys
  6. Photo Gallery (with parental permission - photo release)
  7. Parent Volunteer Pictures
  8. Parent Volunteer Information
  9. Teacher Information – “Meet Your Classroom Teacher”
  10. Class Mission Statement
  11. Homework Information and Assignments
  12. Spelling Lists and Vocabulary Words
  13. Behavior Plans
  14. Classroom Calendar of Events, Monthly Calendar
  15. Parent Classroom Information
  16. Student Drawings
  17. Supply List
  18. Class Videos – (Use an iPad to make a quick video)
  19. Field Trip Events & Permission Forms
  20. Newscasts (created by students)
  21. Record a student reading a passage from a book….Title: Guess the Book!
  22. List of Reading Books
  23. Links to Research Sites
  24. Links to Reading, Writing, Math and Social Studies Interactive Sites
  25. Link to your Moodle Page
  26. List of iPad Apps used in the Classroom
  27. Link to Common Core Standards
  28. Hurricane Leave Assignments
  29. Practice Worksheets
  30. Multiplication Tables
  31. FAQ Section
  32. Podcasts
  33. Class News – Star of the Week
  34. PowerPoint Presentations - (Classroom Lessons)
  35. Math Tips of the Month
  36. Weekly Schedule
  37. Classroom and School Tour
  38. Newsletters
  39. Help Me Section
  40. Videos – ( How to solve math problems)
  41. Math and Science Vocabulary Words
  42. Student Handbook
  43. Extra Credit
  44. How to be a Better Reader Information
  45. Addition & Subtraction Facts
  46. Lunch Menu & Prices
  47. Weather Forecast Link
  48. School District Calendar
  49. Geography Lessons of the Week
  50. Flashcards
  51. Class Rules
  52. Literacy Links
  53. Classroom Grading Guidelines
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SSCPSS Teachers - How to link to your classroom website from your school site.

2nd method - from Todd Hagin -

Contact the Technology Support Desk through the preferred manner (phone, placing a ticket, using A.D. Self-Help Tool, etc.) and ask that the website address field in their AD Account be updated to reflect the google site address. This will push to the staff directory pages on the school websites.

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