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WeVideo for Education

Compared to the features in WeVideo Free and WeVideo Premium subscriptions, WeVideo for Business and WeVideo for Education have the following benefits:
  • Private and secure “Walled Garden” - There is increased awareness in both private and public sectors about the sharing of content - concerns about safety, privacy, and appropriate content. In the Multi-User account, the default behavior is that users can share timelines only with other members. Administrators can further control the collaboration by restricting sharing to designated groups.
  • Easy collaboration - Users in a Multi-User account can easily invite other users to collaborate on video projects.
  • Flexible sharing of media files - In a Multi-User account, media files can be shared with members of a specific project, or with all members of the multi-user account through shared folders.
  • Central capacities - Video export time and media storage space is pooled for the entire multi-user account.
This user manual will guide you through the user interface and features and will help you set up your multi-user account for the first time.

Windows Movie Maker -

Free Download -

Youtube Tutorial -

Moovly -

On-line video editor with an unlimited Free trial of Moovly Studio, enabling you to discover and test most of its powerful features! You can use almost all of Moovly's rich features and libraries to make your first video project, including:
  • Most of the features of the Pro (formerly called Unlimited) subscription in terms of making and creating your Moovly projects;
  • Access, from within the Moovly Studio editor, to the Storyblocks and Shutterstock libraries;
  • Possibility to upload your own media: images, sounds and videos;
  • Publish to the Gallery, to YouTube and Vimeo, and embed videos from the Gallery on other webpages;
  • Using the Moovly app to view your videos and easily upload media from your mobile device.
The Free Trial also has a number of limitations. For example, you will not be able to download your videos, publish them to social media without watermark, or share their Moovly source with other users.

Screencastomatic -

Free Features:Pro Features: ($18/year or $29/3 years)
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