Video Production



These days, video editing is a useful skill for many people. Therefore, there are lots of handy tools and software that are now available to help you to edit videos. Some of them are free and obviously, some of them are paid. Here’s the list of some of this software:


(Not necessarily great ones)


Adobe Spark Video lets you take a set of still images or iconic graphics, add narration and a music track, then export as a video file. These are excellent free tools for persons of all ages and can be used to create high-quality productions.

Spark Video Samples

You can install Premiere Rush and other Creative Cloud apps on up to two computers. Anyone can get Premiere Rush for free as part of the Starter plan. The free starter plan includes Premiere Rush, 2 GB of Cloud Storage, and unlimited free exports on Premiere Rush mobile, and up to three exported projects on Premiere Rush desktop.

Expand your video editing options with Rush to give your projects more polish and panache. With Rush you can edit on a PC, Mac, IOS & some Android devices.

This is a simplified spin-off of Adobe Premiere Pro. Where it shines is that it focuses on what you need to get work out the door. Being able to combine footage, music, voiceovers, stills, titles, and media from virtually everywhere has made this app popular with video producers of all ages. Rush makes great looking videos quick and easy on just about any mobile device, other than Chromebooks. Premiere Rush mobile app includes all the same features as the desktop version of Premiere Rush. Premiere Rush projects are saved in the cloud, so your changes are reflected across all your devices through automatic project syncing.

Consider adding Rush to your arsenal and take your stories and mobile video to the next level without getting too complicated.

Screencasting & Video Editing with Screencast-o-matic

Screencast-o-matic offers free and paid accounts. Although the free version has a 15-min limit, there’s a lot you can do with 15 minutes of focused video presentation. Although the options in the free version of Screencast-O-Matic are great for quick and dirty screencasts, the Solo Deluxe subscription is well worth the $20/yr. price, and gives you many useful features that are not available in the free version. One subscription works across ALL devices. The Solo Deluxe subscription allows you to record on most mobile devices (including Chromebooks) and do advanced video editing on a PC/Mac. It also lets you save your videos directly to Google Drive, YouTube, Dropbox, and Vimeo. This is the version I will be teaching in Wednesday's class. You don't have to get a Screencastomatic subscription before the class. Make your decision after the class when you see what it can do.

Educators can apply for a free Animoto Classroom account. APPLY NOW

Video Lesson Plans and Lesson Ideas from Animoto


Vimeo Video School Tutorials - a great place to learn more about video production


WeVideo for Education

Compared to the features in WeVideo Free and WeVideo Premium subscriptions, WeVideo for Business and WeVideo for Education have the following benefits:

  • Private and secure “Walled Garden” - There is increased awareness in both private and public sectors about the sharing of content - concerns about safety, privacy, and appropriate content. In the Multi-User account, the default behavior is that users can share timelines only with other members. Administrators can further control the collaboration by restricting sharing to designated groups.

  • Easy collaboration - Users in a Multi-User account can easily invite other users to collaborate on video projects.

  • Flexible sharing of media files - In a Multi-User account, media files can be shared with members of a specific project, or with all members of the multi-user account through shared folders.

  • Central capacities - Video export time and media storage space is pooled for the entire multi-user account.

This user manual will guide you through the user interface and features and will help you set up your multi-user account for the first time.