Video Broadcasting

Click here for Sample Broadcasts from SCCPSS Schools

Wirecast Tips:

  • The camera is usually placed on the middle row (layer).

  • Any files that you want to play INSTEAD of the camera shot, place on the same layer as the camera (middle).

    • Examples - Introduction video, Moment of Reflection

  • Any files that you want to play WITH the camera shot (either camera sound or image, place on a layer above or below the camera layer. (graphics, text, video)

    • Examples -

      • Pledge to the Flag (waving flag background - below camera),

      • Titles (lower thirds) or graphics (quotes or images - above camera)


Great sample interviews & reports from kids (FactMonster)

Information on Holidays

Production Team Duties




My favorite -

Ultimate List of Free Music for Education

34 Websites to Download Royalty Free and Creative Commons Music for Free

Royalty free means that you do not have to pay royalties or license fees. Also, all of the creative commons licenses require that you give credit to the original creator. However, I highly encourage you to take a look at the license that each site has to get a proper idea of which of the

Six Creative Commons licenses is in practice.

Torley – Solo Piano Music -

176 pieces of royalty-free production music created by Torley

Parrot Teleprompter - Kim Simshauser @ Islands High School

Sample Broadcasts from SCCPSS Schools

There are LOTS of sources of and channels to find Creative Commons and public domain media.

Want to make sure you give credit correctly?


  • Title of the work

  • Author of the work

  • Source of the work

  • Licence the work bears

14. Want to avoid copyright concerns with the media you use? Create it yourself! Take your own pictures. Create your own videos. Make your own music! You’ll own all of the rights and won’t have to worry about most of the stuff above.


Desktop Presenter



•Screencastomatic –

Green Screen by DoInk

•Tellagami -

•Adobe Premiere Elements

•Royalty-free Music -

Canon Vixia HFR800 Camcorder Manual (pdf)

Canon Vixia Review & Tutorial

Wirecast Pro 7 - download​

Wirecast Tutorials

Desktop Presenter Installer